This dodge-fest has got to stop.... I'm seriously losing interest in the game. Not fun anymore.

My last arena fight is the perfect example how this dodge algorithm is broken....

For the first two rounds its 50% dodge. 1 hit, 1 miss. Meanwhile they didn't miss a SINGLE time in the entire fight.

Come to the end, they got savage left who's sure to die on my next hit, while I have Ventress and Initiate at full health.

Well.... He dodged ALL their hits, and crit both initiate and ventress to death one at a time, slowly but surely. Must've dodged a good 5-7 consecutive hits.

Doesn't help that everyone on my server collectively to stick lumi as lead, because her dodge bonus is broken.....

On top of that, all my GW are freaking lumi-lead.... Which means another damned dodge-fest.

This isn't fun anymore......


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  • If you see nothing wrong with 3-6 consecutive dodges occurring on a rather casual basis in a game where most toons can die in 1-3 hits, then you really don't get strategy games...

    The battle strategy aspect of the game is what made me fall in love with it.

    You build a team that can adapt to any situation and attempt to overcome the odds.

    This is totally ruining that...

    If they want to keep dodge the way it is, then either increase HP for all toons, or lower damage output, or give everyone varying passive dodge-rate instead of having to rely solely on a leader skill.
  • Why are more of these threads finding there way over here?
  • Because its becoming blatantly obvious, and many of us like the strategy part of the game, which is being ruined by random dumb-luck.
  • Why are more of these threads finding there way over here?

    Agree. This belongs in general section. Complaining is not off topic. It is so on topic. Please move to general with The rest of the complainers.
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    I had 88 dodge me 4 straight times today with a Sid lead so shouldnt have dodged at all, oh well adjust and overcome.
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  • Aaaannnd 7/12 nodes today all had lumi lead.

    This dodge fest is not fun.....
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