I am impatient for Kenobi

So, the news we have is that it will be a 6-episode one-shot series (no future seasons) released sometime in 2022.

We know that filming wrapped in September. For movies that would mean that the final product wouldn't be ready for 6 to 9 months, but for TV shows the timeline is generally tighter. With a heavily-produced show like Kenobi, with so much potential impact on how people view iconic characters of the SW universe, I'd expect them to be more careful (and thus slower) with this stage than most TV shows, but not necessarily slower than a movie. I'm no expert, but I would think it would still be quicker than a movie.

All of which is to say that Sep 2021 + 6months = March 2022, and +9 months = June 2022.

So when are we going to see a release date announced? At the end of BoB, maybe? That seems counter-intuitive as it's set in a different time period and can't have any crossovers with BoB. You'd expect any looming reveals or post credit scenes to be targeted at the next season of Mando or perhaps at the Rangers series. Maybe even the Ahsoka series (though that seems farther out than the Rangers of the NR).

There isn't any answer right now, I know. And perhaps that's best, since it might be that Disney wants to bring it out ASAP and so rather than picking a date that they know can be met (which would inevitably include some extra time to cover contingencies), they're getting closer to done and past all the contingencies and then releasing it with short lead time once they know they have no more hurdles that might trip them up. But I am, as I said, impatient for this thing. I want this far more than I ever wanted Young Han.

Anyone else impatient? Anyone else have guesses at the plot line? It obviously can't have Vader discover Luke, but it could have him looking for his children, not knowing their names or locations. Luke will be 9 or 10 years old in this, and I'm sure he'll be in some scenes as an active character, not just a background MacGuffin. But how much can he realistically be featured (and do we want another child-actor disaster)?

:sigh: Okay, I'll just let this go again for a while, but I am hoping for news on a final schedule soon.
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