Am I missing something? QGJ omicron

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Hello all,

Not sure if I missed an update or something like that but here is my potential issue:

I brought in QGJ with omicron, with JKA, KAM, Barriss, and aayla against SLKR.

I was hoping to take advantage of the omicron - with QGJ getting killed and anakin coming in with the nuke. Right away, slkr killed anakin, and then Kam.. with QGJ still alive and untouched..

Did they make the omicron not work against GLs?

Sorry if this has been asked/answered before.
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  • Salatious_Scrum
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    Big emphasis on “if there are no Galactic Legends” part of the omicron
  • Garik_Face_Loran
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    GLs can ignore the QGJ taunt…it’s in the description of the ability
  • The omicron doesn’t work against gl’s, regardless of anything else. I believe it even says so in the ability description, although I’m too lazy to log in and check.
  • mariogsh
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    Haven't read the post yet, probably, yes, you're missing something

    EDIT: Read the post alredy, yeah, you're missing the part where it says "If there are no GL's)

    Read the kits carefully guys
  • Thanks guys - I thought the no GLs implied Having a GL as an ally.

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