Need some help with Charakters, Teams, GAC

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Hey, it would be great if you could help me with what to farm next and where to improve on.
After my SEE has almost reached Relic 1, I almost wanted to go to GL Kenobi until I noticed that I am still missing a few basics. Please take a look at my teams on, I have the feeling that some teams are somehow not half or whole, so i am loosing a lot in GAC. Would you change something in my GAC Loadout? Let it me know. :)

Greetings Julian


  • JoryG87
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    With the movement of crystals from squad arena to GAC it is more important to build multiple good squads. I recommend this first before working towards another GL.

    Some options based on your current roster:

    Finish your rebel squad with getting C3PO. This requires you to farm and gear Ewoks.

    SEE requirements got you a great start for a imperial trooper squad (Piett, Starck and Veers). Two more will finish this squad. Dark Trooper and Gideon are my favourite. Range Trooper is used a lot too.

    Upgrade your Galactic Republic squad (Padme, Kenobi etc) to relics. Eventually you need them to get GAS, who works well under GL Kenobi. For GAS you need sep droids as well, so maybe start gearing / farming them too.
  • StealthGOBLIN32
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    After looking at your GAC squads and your characters- I think that your are facing the usual problems of a GL rush account. Take some time to gear some of the teams that don’t always seem important (GG, Nightsisters, a Qira or Nute Scoundrel team and Shaak 501 in your case). You don’t have the number of attack teams to counter things. I’m 100k GP lower than you and from experience this is the stage of the game that not every character gets used every GAC. I would gear Shaak and the clones and GG+droids. Then go for GAS. This will also require you to gear Ewoks (you can put them on defense and save someone better for offense). Then go back for Kenobi later.

    Note: Shaak, GG, and Magna need to be geared to JMK anyway.
    3v3 FTW
  • I agree that GAS would be a very beneficial farm, as he requires a lot of teams to be able to unlock him.

    Geonosians are required in Geo TB as well as for unlocking Wat, and are good for 7* Padmé. Plus their ships are top notch. General Grevious and Separstist droids are equally needed in Geo TB, plus can eat up a lot of banners when set on D in GAC.
  • Thx for your answers. I will go on GAS as next big goal.
    1. Padme Team to relics
    2. Unlock C-3PO (farming Wicket atm)
    3. Get Separatists Droids/Shaak-Ti Clones Team
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