Still missing SLKR shards

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Been trying to contact EA for the past week about my missing shards but all they’ll tell me is that I’ve got them, although I clearly haven’t as I can’t unlock him, no one will help, any advice?
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  • From what I heard the best tactic is to try it again and again till they do something
  • Sometimes Support needs things spelled out for them. So if they say you have the shards, but you can't see/activate/promote, ask them to activate him for you. If they say you have him, get them to unlock him so you can use him. No one would willing sit on a GL without activating it. And if they're worried about you having extra shards, tell them to deduct the amount from shard currency.

    Hope you get that resolved soon. :)
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    If it's support, they probably don't know much. If you post on Answers HQ, Ultraslide is usually very good about getting shards to people in these circumstances. I don't know when their holiday break is over though.
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