selling mods from pickup

PLEASE make it so I actually want to do events and farm mods. I hate having to go in and look at mods/fool around with it. If I run mod challenge with my energy and i end up with 3 3 dot mods 4 greys and a few crappy blues please let me just sell them then and there. otherwise i have to go in and fish for them when I am full and often don't have time to scan mods/sell the ones without percentages. I know some people are way more organized than me but I am asking this because I do NOT have great mod organization skills. this would reduce so much headache.

also sometimes I simply do not want to do low level assault battles like the separatist one because i get 50 mods and i don't have room for them...again my organization but I'd love to just be able to off load them right then and there if i don't like them.


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