Razorcrest invincible? TW ship battle

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I was cleaning up an executor team. Used my radius to blow up their capital ship. Followed up with my FO team, they only had hounds tooth and razorcrest left. They had no capital ship going into the 2nd battle so they had no BH contract active. Razorcrest would not lose his buff that resets his health. So I could never defeat it. Hounds tooth died in 20seconds. The remainder of my 4m and 40s battle was on full auto with my silencer doing 600k dmg with advantage. Is this a bug? Is the guild cheating? Did I miss something that makes him undefeatable?
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  • Update: we had to thrawn ult it because the ship would never take damage. Still don't know if a bug or cheating.
  • It cannot be cheating. There is no way to influence the game engine when your team is on defence.

    This sounds like the old Unending Loyalty bug, that used to happen to JKA’s ship, recurring.
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    It's already been reported as a bug.
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