Is Imperial Droid a useless character?

I find that he does nothing much and just being a waste of a slot..



  • Shok
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    Saddly, yes.
  • Probe with Gar Saxon lead and ISC is one of my favorite 3v3 teams. I find that they can take out GL teams (Assuming they are all at 1% health). Although I am currently reconsidering in favor of HK lead with IG86 and IPD.
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  • Extremely niche. EP instabomb for example
  • Grievous nuke team, if you have the other members
  • Are you kidding? Ipd is a good character. I'm not talking about the self-destruct capability, but the mass buff dispel with target lock, which can't be evaded. You can consider that skill a cheap version of Mara Jade's mass dispel special. It works wonder in a Palp-Vader team vs. Padme for example.
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