Advice for Jan 10 challenge

I find myself having so much difficulty lately on Galactic Challenges. I think I have decent toons and ships at around 4.5 GP. Up to level vi is almost too easy but once I hit level vii, everything seems to be ridiculously ratcheted up and I can never find winning combinations anymore. There are times I can barely clear 75 points. Anyway, this is one of these times I can't even get 75 yet.

I do not have three droid ships, so there is no way that I can achieve that feat. Considering there are only 4 droid ships total - 2 of which are useless and difficult to farm unless you have Malevolence (which itself takes forever to get to a usable level) - this seems like an unfair feat for average players.

So that brings me to the "attacking out of turn 20 or more times" feat. It's useless to try this with toons, because the opponent difficulty level is way too low. So I am trying it with ships. Without Droid ships, I am trying to use Rebel ships. I'm either finishing the level too quickly and not having enough time to attack out of turn or dying too quickly at later levels and not having enough time to attack out of turn. Not to mention that both the global modifier (damage over time) and opponent modifier (continuous bonus turns) kills me off one-by-one so that there hardly is ever more than two ships alive to assist in the attack in the anyway.

Does anyone have any combination of ships that has helped them achieve this feat? Anyway to stay alive long enough to get in 20 or more assists? Or maybe you know of some other toon teams that can achieve this feat at the lower levels? Anyone outside of a CLS team?

Thank you!


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    Can’t help you with the 20 (not gonna bother tbh)
    But if you have malevolence (which maybe you don’t) … I got away with keeping my two trash droid ships as reinforcements and never used them and still got credit for 3 droids
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    I found that rebels with Cassian’s U Wing to clean up the DOTs worked well enough to get the gold crate (after using a variant of 3 trash droids to clear tier X as I don’t have Malevolence) - I tried with Negotiator & Executrix & both worked. EP shuttle is also good for the DOTs.
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    Out of Turn and everything but Droids:

    Home One plus HMF, Y-Wing, Biggs. Cassian, Bistan, Phoenix twins off the bench.


    Malevolence plus Vulture, Hyena, HT. IG and 3 Geos off the bench.

    Not that tricky other than RNG for Falcon assists but that's been a Home One issue since they added HMF.
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    Thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback. I'll give these combinations a try.
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    Could we please get a counter to reflect if the crits and assists for challenges like this? Obviously there is a mechanism to count them, just need to display it.
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