GAC Rewards points for Ranking?!?

Keeping track of points awarded for a "Win" in GAC, there seems to be a declining number of +points for wins over the course of the three weeks. The first week received +38 points for a successful round (Win) against a opponent. 2nd week received +36 points per Win. And now 3rd and final week, only received +31 points each Win. Is there some sort of matrix or point award system to reflect rewarded skill points? (e.g. skill points based on points achieved during the round)


  • The points awarded during the round are irrelevant.

    It seems that you get less points for a win the higher your skill rating is.

    The vast majority of players in this GAC season faced people with exactly the same win / loss record (and therefore same skill rating) as themselves, but eventually we’ll be drawn against people with slightly different skill ratings to us.

    My guess is that winning v someone with higher skill rating than your own will award more points than winning v someone with same or lower skill rating.
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    Agree. The Win/Loss determines match-making. I'm more concerned as what I thought was going to be creeping back into Kyber 1 by a few points for the off season daily crystal rewards put me 2 skill points under the 3540 cut off in Kyber 2. Started in K2, went to K1, back to K2 by a loss/skill points and was seeing the 2-1 third round as finishing back in K1. All wins or losses for each round were the same assigned awarded points regardless of the Opponent's skill points.
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