Connection error. There is an error with your connection.

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It's been a while since I last played, at least a year, and got a new computer. It has the ability to download Bluestacks so I was wondering what's been going on with the game. Downloaded BlueStacks and then downloaded galaxy. The connection was a little slower than I remember but I have no problem with that. This is where the issue pops up. As the download is... downloading, it gets halfway through and then after a minute or two, there is a message saying "Connection Error. There is an error with your connection." I checked my wifi - going strong. I know the problem is not my wifi and I recently updated bluestacks through BlueStacks X. I tried to update the game on bluestacks fully however when it goes halfway through the same message appears. I do not know what the issue is here. Can someone help me out? I'd appreciate it!
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    Unfortunately, CG does not support bluestacks. So you likely won't get help with a bug report. I will move this to Off Topic incase any community members are knowledgeable about troubleshooting bluestacks.
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