GAC Matchmaking rivals

Hi everyone.
I would ask this is a joke ? Season didnt start but now I have same skill rating = matchmaking against 1.5M GP more opponents.
Currently I have 4M GP, and after upgrade leagues I am same skill ratio as my 5.5M GP opponents.
I checked ladder, theres 50% players with 1.5M more GP, and 40% 800k+.
HOW CAN I PLAY AGAINST THAT WITH LESS SQUADS ? I promoted from Chromium 1 to Aurodium 4 after league placements (at the start of "new" GAC I had Chromium 4), imagine how much more squads I have to make, it took only 1 month.
GAC shouldnt be like some 50% w/l. There always should be categories like before 4.5-5M GP for example, AND FROM THAT CATEGORIES we should have good players who win. Weak players should be less 40-50% w/l, and THE BEST players in that category should have 70-80% - this distinguishes good players from the weaker ones (creative, strategy, etc), same other games, sports.
Now it works, you will win some battles at the start 'new' GAC, then you will play around 50% (usually less), doesnt matter your REAL skill, if you play with less squads
I still dont freaking understand how we have to play again MUCH STRONGER enemies.
Wish CG will fix this problem...
Some people dont see the problem now, but in close future it gonna be huge.


  • Koushe wrote: »
    I still dont freaking understand how we have to play again MUCH STRONGER enemies.

    Because, when the game based it on GP you beat your "equal" enemies. So it matched you against "stronger" enemies, and you beat them too. Now the game is matching you against "much stronger" enemies. If I was in your place I would also try to beat them, but I understand if you want to just give up. Congrats on your efficient roster. But you no longer get to exclusively beat up on casual players with the same GP as you.
  • i would say i found player who has 6.2M GP (ye, same ladder as me), compare to me - 4.01M GP
    Nice job! As CG said they enjoyed this new GAC as we are (?)
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