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can someone explain the oQGJ change i don't understand what it means exactly. like what about him dying changes a leader effect? which is what I think it's saying
UNIT - Fixed an issue in which Qui-Gon Jinn would incorrectly grant allies Offense while his Speed to Offense bonus was still active rather than after Speed to Offense expires upon being defeated.
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  • It is saying none of the omicron works anymore.

    Previously the extra offense boosts worked with a GL.
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    refund of omicron and zeta needed as I doubt that any of us had a zeta on him before the omicron

    Depends how long you’ve been playing. If you were around when zetas first came into the game, then he was likely one of your first two or three zetas.
  • Oh ffs... is anything tested? Open Alpha is getting old.


  • Hasn't the text always had the caveat for GLs being present?
  • I want my omicron refunded and the relic mats as well from boosting QGJ past r3. This nerf is brutal !
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    Hasn't the text always had the caveat for GLs being present?

    Yes and no. The original ability had it so that if an opposing GL was present that it voided the whole "can't kill Jedi other than QGJ" clause. Meaning that if you used a GL you could automatically go after JKA and dismantle the team.

    Now, the ability now voids the entirety of the Omicron if any GL is present so you get no boost to your characters outside of QGJ's original leadership.
  • Ah, just looked. They moved the "+30x Speed to Offense" part under the GL caveat area as well.
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