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  • How about you “reward” all the players that put the omnicron on QGJ with 20 omnicron mats for testing the product. Since we were clearly your Beta testers and did all the work. Not sure why we are being penalized for the laziness of the developers.

  • Honestly posting on the forums is useless. I don’t think CG has ever made a decision to change something because of a post on the forums. This website is utterly useless to voice an opinion.
  • So what do we do with this garbage team you made us create, used resources on, relics, sliced mods and time?

    Created to work vs gl and suddenly it does not, but doesn’t change fundamentally the identity of qgj I call typical CG bee es. Another word I had in mind but this is moderated.

    Was it so difficult to not penalise your testers? Maybe instead test your things or even better open again the beta testers program you shut down? I recall Doja writing about they test stuff, that was the biggest joke I’ve heard so far.

    To the guy above saying this forum has no voice, that is so right that hit nerves. Game needs mod management (thanks Hotutils) and ship squads, community needs communication from cg, all we get is more packs.
  • Qui gon trash
  • It sounds like there is a serious bug happening here because CG says nothing has fundamentally changed but the people that have the Omi are reporting dramatic changes. Id suggest submitting a ticket with EA - all 55,000 people that are affected should do just that. I'm sure it will take them hours/days/weeks to filter through 55,000 tickets so please be patient with your response expectations while they get to the bottom of the issue.
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    While you're not wrong, this is explicitly against forum guidelines and ToC.
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    Might as well try and ask an alcoholic to not drink.
    These guys are hooked, and will continue to be as any lack of spending will cause them to have their "investments" depreciate.
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    While you're not wrong, this is explicitly against forum guidelines and ToC.


    Thread has veered off-topic and people are breaking the terms of service

    Closing this thread
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