Investigate other GLs too - they can undersize



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    TVF wrote: »
    I thought they were investigating LV for a buff here? Instead he gets nerfed?

    Bug fixes aren't nerfs.

    Genius not required. LV has been out in the wild for some time the fact that this investigation found a bug that made him worse is laughable how would you like us to word this…. Investigations into anything JMK is a buff to him or a nerf to character beating him “fact”
  • On one hand, from the description it was a bug. On the other hand, I remember the days when the Jawa Scavenger bugs were found, and the Devs liked them so much they incorporated them (mostly) into the character.

    I hope an LV buff is coming. I don’t have much hope left, though.
  • I wonder if they'll buff LV now that they've solidifed his status as a soft counter to JMK.
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    Don’t worry there investigate the “fix/nerf/bug” and also investigating the SLKR “interaction“….. we have been telling them from day one LV is lack luster talk about Tone deaf
  • It's not simply about the squad being undersized. GLs can (and should be able) to beat other GLs. It's more so that a GL + Conquest character is the current pinnacle, and they should not be defeated by a GL in a much weaker squad.

    It's been almost 2 months and no buff is coming to LV ? While you discuss whether to buff LV or nerf other characters LV has more counters with the crit immunity fix right now. LV can be beaten by IT, Sith Triumvirate, Fennec Lead BH without BSoJ, SLKR zombie. Just buff Lord Vader, 2 months so many GAC,TW = lost resources for Lord Vader owners.
  • There are far more teams beating LV than just zombie. Either they will have to buff LV or make changes to several characters.
  • SLKR doesnt even need the zombie cheese to beat LV now.
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