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Who else thinks joining a guild or recruiting for one should be easier inside the game? More filters for what might level you need, or lvl in general?

I should not need to google and find multiple pages offering a service the game itself should have.

Any reason for this or am i not alone?

I just feel it is sad that a good game could lose players due to this silly thing.

Look at other games, copy. It's regular practice in every industry and it's fine.
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  • Hey Chinnok. I saw you made a guild but wasn’t able to reach out because I didn’t see your ally code. But yes I agree it is a bit difficult, but I’m here to help possibly. I’m part of an alliance of guilds and we just created a 3rd guild to allow for players to come in. Currently geared towards newer players but would love to have you come aboard. My ally code is 695-997-489 we are “The Screaming Ewoks”. If anyone else is in your guild they are also welcome, it’s very new and trying to get off the ground. We are casual yet still competitive with the only ask being active. Hope to hear from you soon!
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