Fairy tail

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Fairy Tail
Leader: Savage Vic
Description: I have a love for the anime Fairy Tail. I'm sure i'm not the only one and I want to make a guild with the same name following the same ideals. Together we can find out whether fairies really have tails!
Requirements: I just want people who actually play wether it's daily or every other. I want players who still have fun in this game , not the usual people that complain every day.
About me: I'm P2P . I've spent less than $100 on the game though. I've been top 10 in my server for a good time with a 24K power team. However I have the opportunity to make a whole lot better team.
Quick Little Things
You don't have to watch the show to join. If you feel like this guild holds the ideals that you'd like in your guild then join. Just send me a message.
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