Competitve guild in Asia

Hi all,

Anyone interested in building a competitive guild in Asia? For the future guild activties in game, it may be helpful to be in close timezones. Message me if you are interested!


  • I am interested in a guild in asia. I am level 75. Very active. Started in late december. Msg me if you started a guild
  • I am also interested in Asia guild, I am level 74 (will become level 75 before Sunday), very active, play everyday, More than ten 7 stars and level 8 toons. Looking to join a guild that are fun and all are dedicated for the big prizes!!! Let me know if you will start a guild soon. :)
  • I'm also interested in a Asia guild. I'm a casual p2p player completing the daily challenges and activities. I finish in the top 25 in arena about 90% of the time complete GW on the reg. I have close to 20 7* toons that include, Yoda, QGJ, Phasma, Lumi, Sid, Barris, Leia, Poggle...just to name a few. All maxed gear and level shooting for lvl 80 cap currently at lvl75. Im looking for a fun, and competitive guild that promotes comraderie and respect. Ally code 474-541-445. Thanks!!
  • @jomamaphat @mcj123game @Sinister_Reevus

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! So far there was a lukewarm feedback from people in Asia, I have 2-3 other contacs only. Looking at he the current information that is avaiable that is too small for getting at least some progress.

    I keep the contacts aside and if at anytime it makes sense to start something I'll ping you!
  • If you guys need a place. I started another asian guild. Its currently small in number.Slowly increasing
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  • Don't fall behind b4 sunday. The 2nd guild team sing is still open and recruiting. Message @jaqenhgar for more info.

    I just joined a Guild before I saw this post. What is the name of the Guild and how many members do you currently have? I may opt to join with the time difference being a factor for me.

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