Jawa Challenge

Here I am in this forum again. Galac Challenges have been a grind lately for me. More so than I remember in the past. While it is recommended that I attempt level ix, I have barely been able to finish level vii. The stronger my team gets, it seems that the worse I do in these Challenges.

Anyway, does anyone have any counters for Jawas? I have 4.5 GP but can't do anything past level v. By level vi, I'm all blown up within 20 secs while Jawas keep regenerating protection.


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    Made some progress with a FO team. KRU lead with OG Kylo kept countering and bombs didnt seem to do anything to them. Kept spamming Kylo basic and then KRU stun on Scavenger. If you last long enough, the dam over time kills all Jawas.
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