List of best Omicrons in order for GA?

Anyone got a good list?
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  • Two of the best so far that I've been using is Zam's and Qui Gon's. I haven't tried the others yet.
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    Two of the best so far that I've been using is Zam's and Qui Gon's. I haven't tried the others yet.
    QGJ got nerfed recently...and TBH my QGJ teams stopped winning on i guess it lost its edge...
    ATM i would say Mara Jade Omicron is great...but obviously hard to get her to 7 stars...

    From the others i see mostly Phasma...Zam is supposedly good...but not seen it yet for some reason...

  • Dash looks pretty nice if you have Vandor chewie?
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    This list will depend on your roster, and will constantly change as new omis come into the game and as your roster evolves. Do you have the Jedi to support Qui Gomicron Jin? Do you have the “prepared” squad to go with Dash? Iden’s Omi is amazing if you have the troopers to go with it. Zam’s is strong, and most people have BH, so it’s a good one to start with. Even Chirpa’s can be really good for the early game.
  • Are we talking about zetas when u guys say omricon?
  • At high levels, I'd say it's probably something like

    QGJ (OFFENSE ONLY - It's extremely easy to beat this team with either BHs or DV, and arguably even GAS 501st.)
    General mixtures of literally all others that affect GAC.

    Rose doesn't really make a big enough difference to be worth it imho.
    Chirpa is terrible for defense (literally makes the nest solo even more consistent) and generally speaking isn't going to make a big enough difference on offense to change what they can or can't beat. It's a consistency boost, and Ewoks just really aren't good enough to warrant an Omi for consistency.
    Talon's might actually be somewhat worthwhile, but just... really doesn't feel like it's going to make significant differences for the triumvirate team in what they can beat most of the time.
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    Wampa for gac seems to be everyone's go to these days.
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