Developer Insights: Second Sister

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

The Second Sister, a Jedi formerly known as Trilla Suduri, is storming on to the holotables! As a member of the Inquisitorius, Second Sister was tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down Jedi who survived Order 66.

Below, we take a dive into the developers’ motivations and inspirations while creating the kit for this fan-favorite Jedi: Fallen Order character.

For even more behind the scenes and developer commentary, be sure to check out the interview we did with Galactic War Report here.

The Basics:
  • Dark Side, Attacker, Leader, Empire, Inquisitorius, Unaligned Force User
  • Second Sister’s main pillars are betrayal, abandonment, surprise, ruthless efficiency.
  • Second Sister is a damage dealer. Players should focus on letting her gain extra bonuses during battle from her Unique, and then using them for a big hit.
  • Second Sister’s Omicron ability functions in Territory Wars, where her enemies will start the battle with 2 stacks of Purge. Furthermore, Jedi enemies (excluding Galactic Legends) can't recover Health or Protection from their Unique abilities.

Unique Attributes:
  • In addition to being the first Inquisitor in the game, Second Sister also introduces the new status effect Purge. Purge will be a central theme to Inquisitors as more of them are introduced.
  • Second Sister’s kit can achieve a lot of Defense Penetration via her Can't Run Forever Special ability and Everyone is Expendable Unique ability.

  • Second Sister’s entire kit is inspired by her appearance in Jedi: Fallen Order as she pursues Cal Kestis. Her kit ability names are taken from her in-game dialog.
  • We tried to pay homage to her visually stunning attack animations from Jedi: Fallen Order while giving her our own brand of artistic stylings.
  • Inquisitors are a division of the Empire dealing with hunting down and exterminating the Jedi that escaped Order 66, as well as any other Force user that poses a threat to the Emperor.
  • To this end we created a new Inquisitorius tag that will be shared by members of that faction.
  • The Purge status effect creates a new design space that lets us have future Inquisitors interact with the same mechanic, but in their own unique ways.

Strategy Tips:
  • As alluded to above, you’ll want to build up stacks of Purge during battle and then use Special abilities to hit your enemies with a powerful attack.
  • Second Sister’s Can't Run Forever Special ability can be tricky to use without other Inquisitorius allies. As more inquisitors come to the game, this ability will have more synergy and utility.
  • Second Sister’s Unique bonuses are achieved by any enemy being defeated OR an Empire ally being defeated.

  • Who is Second Sister?
    • Second Sister is an Inquisitor who pursues Cal Kestis throughout Jedi: Fallen Order. She was once Jedi Padawan Trilla Suduri who was betrayed by her Master shortly after Order 66. This betrayal led her to the Dark Side and a clear future with the Inquisitorius.
  • Can we get more clarity on the So Much Fear Basic ability and how it inflicts Purge?
    • At its core, the Basic ability has a 30% chance to inflict a stack of Purge. If the target is a Jedi, there is an additional stack of Purge that is guaranteed to be inflicted. So in short: Non-Jedi will get 0 to 1 stacks of Purge, and Jedi will get 1 to 2 stacks of Purge via the Basic ability.
  • Does she have a Legacy tier in her Marquee?
    • Yes. Players will need Second Sister at five stars in order to participate in this Marquee’s Legacy Tier, as well as some future Inquisitor Marquee Legacy tiers.
  • Her Everyone is Expendable Unique:
    • Counts either Empire allies defeated or any enemy
    • Can be any combination of those
    • 1 Enemy defeat + 2 Empire, 3 Empire allies, etc
  • Will there be more Inquisitors in the near future?
    • Difficult to say given no one expects the Inquisition. But, the real answer is yes.
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