Guild Territory Wars Suggestion (Unique Teams/Auto Placement)

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Reason for Change: I enjoy the team creation aspect of this game and want to see an increased playing of non-meta teams to challenge with my own non-meta teams in a PVP environment. Right now in Territory Wars and Grand Arena, we see "walls" and established composition teams, we through experience, have our own established counters. If we do manage to get past a wall there is a chance that the opponent's roster is thin enough for less established team compositions to do battle with each other but these become rarer as rosters of players are at higher GP.

Outcome Goal: Adjust Guild Territory Wars to allow a greater range of defensive teams compositions which will allow for more off-meta counters to be explored in matchups. Create separation in the gameplay from Grand Arena for a more unique experience.

Proposed Changes for Guild Territory Wars:

1) Remove the player placement from the map in the setup phase. Instead, players will create a "bucket" of teams that will get auto placed after the setup phase is completed. This will be similar to how the game places teams for players who join but do not compete in Grand Arena. However, it just uses teams from the team setup bucket to do this after the setup phase is complete.

2) Players during the setup phase will add teams to the bucket. While characters can be repeated the teams must be unique versions of a team in order to be placed. Duplicate teams cannot be placed. Players can add minor variations of the teams in place however by changing simply one character.

In this example image above, I mocked up the user interface how this might work. A player who is adding a Sith Empire team for example to the setup bucket but the guild might already have one there. As a player begins to add characters to the squad they will see warnings of characters who are part of an existing unique team highlighted in yellow. But as they add more if they are presented to a point where they cannot add a character because of this it would be highlighted red.

Once a team has been added it is simply kept in some user interface list of all the teams that have been added to the defense.

3) The zone map can remain the same. But auto-placement is reversed in the direction it is done in Grand Arena. The game will place the highest GP teams at the back parts of the zones and the weakest GP teams at the front. The expected result would be to see more teams with Galatic Legends at the back of the zones if guilds still decide to place these on defense.


Final Thoughts: This will change the Guild Territory Wars and make it fundamentally different from Grand Arena. It would be more a "slugfest" as teams would have to reach for deeper roster compositions to defend and hopefully open the door for offense teams to use more teams. There would no doubt have to be some scoring changes to adjust for guilds full clearing each other but I did not explore that here. I expect this method to create fair amount of tension and mystery created as well as offensive players now have to balance the idea of what teams to use in the beginning saving their best teams for better teams in the back.

While I have not done the math for unique compositions there should be more unique defensive teams that will allow for more non-meta encounters to take place. I hope you all like these proposed changes and feel some or all are worth exploring.
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