How will the solo player be impacted?

So, what if you truly have no interest in guilds? I see there's guild currency, and shipments, and guessing the new gear is part of that. Is this going to be a change where only players in a guild can actually thrive in the game?
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  • Don't worry too much. I doubt it will be true multiplayer. More like a list of battles where each member beats whichever ones they are strong enough to beat...and if ya beat em all get a bonus.

    Don't need to worry about people trolling you for bad k\d ratio or whatever...most guild leaders will be happy to have ya if you are active daily...well except for the elitiist types...but they won't let you join unless you have 150k total roster power or whatever anyway.
  • I guess. Yeah I play every day and looking for more to do. But not really keen on the idea of forcing people into the guilds to get stuff not available anywhere else. Basically saying you HAVE to join one if you want to keep up.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • Cyclops
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    My guess is you just wont get the benefits of the shipments. I'm looking forward to guilds though for some more interaction with people to make it more fun imo.
  • Right and I'm fairly sure that the new gear will be available in the guild shipments. If not exclusively, much more abundant.

    Will keep an ear out and see what the scoop is.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
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