Capital Ship Upgrades: Mace Windu

If you say that I need 5 stars and higher, lvl 82+, and 6 ships then it should at least be a close battle and not a curb stomping. I have been getting hosed by the Tier V over and over when I am all 7 star ships (except for the Endurance), lvl. 85, and gear level 5-7 even though there is no gear lvl recommendation. Scale the battle to your recommendations or DO NOT MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. Its frustrating because I must be one of the few people that hates losing over and over. Fix Tier V with either an easier battle or recommenations that suit the battle and give at least a 25% chance of success. I’ve played this level so many times that were it a human player, statistically they would have made a mistake or had several bad rolls in a row, SOMETHING. But your recommendations are garbage, fix them.


  • Xcien
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    At least it’s not about Bounty Hunters this time.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Waqui
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    Fleet composition, Crew power / gear level and your tactics matter. It's more than just level and stars.
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    Just gear up your pilots more and you'll do it with whatever ships you have.

    My guess is g11 pilots would let you do it with anything on auto.

    G9 pilots with the right ships and tactics.
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    Whoops, sorry, I see you weren't looking for advice, just ranting at the devs.

    Disregard my post.
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