One Famous Wookiee - Tier V (HELP)

I am at tier V of one famous wookiee but my bounty hunter team currently gets destroyed, I know it’s not there just yet but power-wise I feel it gets defeated a lot easier than it should. I’ll attach my current squad and SWGOH below.

This are my current five:


  • Waqui
    8802 posts Member
    Dengar helps preventing the enemies from stealthing.
    If you use AoE while ROLO is still alive you'll feed huge amounts of turn meter to the enemy team.
    Bossk lead would make it somewhat easier. However, you can complete even tier 7 using Boba Fett lead - regarding that you mod your team better (your mods are way off). Move your best mods to you bounty hunters while doing the event.
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