Developer Insights: TIE/IN interceptor Prototype

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

The TIE/IN interceptor Prototype piloted by Second Sister is landing on the holotables! While the ship is already a fast-attack craft that is as nimble as it is deadly, Second Sister's Force powers allow it to perform maneuvers many would consider…unnatural.

Below we take a deeper dive into the inspirations and motivations of the designers as they worked to bring this lethal Imperial craft to Galaxy of Heroes.

The Basics:
  • Works well with Empire fleets. TIE Interceptor under Chimaera shouldn't be one-shotting Executor defenses, but should now have all the tools needed to challenge many of the fleets in the game.
  • TIE Interceptor’s reinforcement ability is powerful and can help turn the tide of a battle.

Unique Attributes:
  • TIE Interceptor introduces the new effects Ruthless and Pursued Target.
  • This ship goes real fast! It currently has the 2nd-highest Speed rating of any ship in the game.

  • We’ve been looking for a ship to lift Empire fleets for a while, and have had several ideas as to which ones we might add to the game. Some of the ships we considered would have been crewless or were simply clones of ships already in the game. The TIE Interceptor has been missing from Empire fleets, and the recently-released Second Sister worked well as the pilot (especially considering her Force powers provided a great excuse for the ship’s high Speed and maneuverability theme).
  • Second Sister’s TIE Interceptor is technically a prototype, as the Empire didn’t officially deploy them until three years before the destruction of the first Death Star.
  • The TIE Interceptor is known for its speed and firepower, two attributes we feel the kit represents well.

Strategy Tips:
  • The TIE Interceptor has a strong reinforcement ability and works with TIE Advanced x1 to lower Call Reinforcement cooldown. On the topic of TIE Advanced x1, keep reading below for more info on how the interaction works, as well as more details about the kit touch up we made to Vader’s ship.
  • The TIE Interceptor ruthlessly pursues targets, especially Jedi enemies.
  • The ship works best with fleets that are a mix of Empire, Inquisitorious, and Sith ships. By keeping it limited to those factions, the TIE Interceptor will have access to it’s full arsenal.

  • What does the “it” in “it gains 40% Turn Meter” refer to when reading the description for Pursued Target?
    • The TIE Interceptor itself. Not the targeted unit.
  • Why does TIE Advanced x1 have synergy with Second Sister’s TIE Interceptor?
    • Vader often worked closely with the Inquisitors while leading them at the Emperor’s command.
  • Why did you release a ship immediately after you released the pilot?
    • TIE Interceptor is the Conquest chase unit, so players will have time with Second Sister before the ship can be unlocked in game.
  • Does Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 need to be on the field to get the Capital Ship cooldown bonus, or can it be in reinforcements alongside TIE Interceptor?
    • Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 must be on the field at the start of battle to get the cooldown benefit.
  • How has TIE Advanced x1’s kit changed?
    • The new final tier of Advanced Targeting System now reads: At the start of battle, if all allies are Empire, Inquisitorious, or Sith and TIE/IN interceptor is in reinforcements, allied Empire Capital Ship cooldowns are reduced by 1 (including Call Reinforcement).

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