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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today’s update brings the speedy and nimble TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype to the holotables! With Second Sister as its pilot, the TIE Interceptor provides a boost to Empire fleets.

Along with TIE Interceptor, Princess Leia will be getting an Omicron ability, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 is getting a touch-up, some shard shuffling, multiple fixes and updates have been implemented, and more!

New Conquest Unit
TIE Interceptor will be the new Conquest obtainable unit! Keep an eye on the forums for more information.

TIE Advanced x1 Kit Touch-Up
TIE Advanced x1 is getting a touch-up to its kit. The new final tier of Advanced Targeting System now reads: “At the start of battle, if all allies are Empire, Inquisitorius, or Sith and TIE/IN Interceptor is in reinforcements, allied Empire Capital Ship cooldowns are reduced by 1 (including Call Reinforcement).”

Conquest Special Path
We’ve highlighted and added a descriptor in the “modifier” tab to provide players with more information about the Conquest Special Path.
NOTE: The link provided currently takes players to the Conquest 11 Special Path and Data Disk page. It will be updated to link to a Conquest 13 Data Disk page once that becomes available.


Darth Talon shards are now farmable from Cantina 7-G. They replace Jedi Knight Anakin shards, which can still be farmed from Dark Side 3-E (Hard) and Dark Side 1-B (Hard).

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:

  • UNIT - Fixed an issue that resulted in the Stealth icon not properly appearing on ships in certain circumstances..
  • UNIT - Updated Ackbar's Omicron ability description to state only the ally with an expiring buff receives Turn Meter, not the whole team.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue in which The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) and Chewbacca could still be Ability Blocked in some circumstances.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with the Pit Raid in which the Rancor would visually decrease a character's Mastery stat prior to the Rancor taking its first turn.
  • EVENT - Fixed issue with the Pit Raid in which the bonus damage from Gamorrean Captain's Mighty Thrust ability would still deal Max Health damage against targets who should be immune to this effect.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with the Pit Raid in which Lord Vader's Leader ability would not prevent the percent Health damage from Deathmark if Deathmark was applied during an assist call.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with the Conquest The Odds modifier in which units were performing their Basic ability after being defeated by Thermal Detonators.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with the Conquest Vitality data disk which was incorrectly causing the "Marked" effect from Voluntary Vanguard to be placed onto the leader rather than the strongest ally.

  • General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
  • TIE Interceptor’s Unique description does not currently mention the duration of Foresight. It also does not specify ally faction requirements at the start of battle. A future update will change the description to state the following: “Whenever an Empire, Inquisitorious, or Sith ally reinforces, TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype gains Foresight. Whenever TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype critically hits an enemy, if all allies are Empire, Inquisitorious, or Sith, the allied Capital Ship gains 5% Turn Meter. “
  • Also, TIE Interceptor’s in-game portrait is currently low-resolution. This will be fixed in future update.
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