I Carbanti Do Anything

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So I love the 1 gear update to challenges we got a month ago. The kyro calendar yesterday was an ok surprise, but I stil Carbanti do anything, because of wall of 10000 Carbantis.

Can we please get a Carbanti & stun cuff calendar.
More frequent store packs(no fluffers, just Carbanti or just cuffs, like new relic 500 crystal packs you can pull 10 times)

Something anything other than the archaic monthly core gear bundle, yippe an extra 10 carbanti in this pack :/
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    You know what you have to do, but do you have the strength to do it?
    We needed Cobb Vanth shards for Krayt Dragon raid, Endor Gear Luke shards for Speeder Bike raid and Anakin Skywalker shards for Battle for Naboo raid?
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    It was like millions of credit cards cried out in terror
  • Kisakee
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    That's not the calendar you're looking for.
    "Never make the mistake of believing forbearance equates to acceptance, or that all positions are equally valid."
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    You could just hoard gear you know.
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    Did anyone mention that this thread title Stun Cuff?
  • Gifafi
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    Don’t put them on everyone imo
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    Mk 3 Carbanti needed 47250 times
    Stun guns 25650
    Stun cuffs 32300
    Kyro shock prod 21550
    Kyro comp 14250

    Mk12 furnace 9800
    Mk12 holo lens 7850

    To help you with your gearing/hoarding plans
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