how long have i been in a guild and swgof

Is it possible to know how long one has been a member of a guild?
And, would it be possible to know how long one has been playing SWGOH?


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    1) look in game at your "Raid Tickets (Lifetime)" figure. If you divide by 600, that is theoretically how many days you've been a member, but there are some things that might make it inaccurate:
    - if you routinely do not contribute 600 tickets, the result of the division will be less than the true number of days
    - if you were guild leader at any point and then stepped down, this effectively resets your count
    - There are days that this count is just glitched. I've seen a guild mate sitting on 560 tickets and I've watched him stream evidence of him burning another 120 energy and the count doesn't change. This is rare, though.

    2) On iOS, when I go to the Acheivements tab there's a button that says Game Centre Achievements. Some of those achievements will definitely have been completed on your first day of playing. Mine is 9 May 2016 (what have I done with my life?!)
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