Am I missing something?

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Is there any way my opponent would have 276 starting points in GAC?

For context I am currently in Aurodium 1
4.2Mil GP (Me) vs. 6.1Mil GP (opponent)

I have all defensive zones set as shown (3 per character zone) (2 for fleets) and no attacks have been conducted yet. Am I missing something? Some change with the new GAC rollout or is my opponent just that good?

30 seconds after posting before I could even uplaod the photos, Crumb posted saying they are aware of this and it is a common issue they are investigating this round. Kinda sucks, hopefully it doesn't affect final scoring but glad it's not just me...


  • Mine started with 414 points.
  • Bug
  • Seems like in Aurodium it is 276. Kyber 414, but as Rath suggested seems to just be a known bug. My guild chat is blowing up about it. Glad its not just me
  • Just logged on and I am in Chromium 3 and my opponent started with 207 banners.
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    Well I didn’t spot what the score was at the start, but I’ve just gone in and my opponent has cleared a 4 squad territory at 1 fight each but has 871 points!
    The max I make it for each fight won with a 1 toon squad without losing any health an protection, and territory clear points is 526 unless my maths is off. :confused:

    (I’m working my points on my 1st battle Nest clear without protection at 78 points)
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