No buttons in LSTB bug still prevalent

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I know TB is not a super profitable aspect of the game, but the no buttons in wave 4 of the CMs in LSTB is really putting a damper on the game. You can't even pause, go to airplane mode, exit, re-enter, enable data, and fix the problem anymore (which was the old bug fix from the player side).

Typically happens with CLS squads in middle phase 1 & 2 LS Combat Missions. Auto doesn't make the team attack, all ability buttons disapear, and the battle remains in limbo for more than 4 hours (I left a phone plugged in and turned off the backlight timer just to see if the loop would time out).

Squad (don't know if that would matter) is the typical CLS, Chewy, Threepio & Chewy, C-3PO, Han.
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    Hey, it’s still happening. What a surprise! x0nv5v1gf69u.jpeg
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    Got it again. Same exact scenario as above with Droideka stunned.
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