Grand Arena Championships Reschedule

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are relaunching the second half of this Grand Arena Championships tomorrow (2/9) at 2 PM Pacific (22:00 UTC). Last week, we paused Grand Arena due to an issue with manually set defenses providing additional banners to their opponent. The issue will be fixed in an update tomorrow and prior to the start of Grand Arena Championships.

Since two of this season's Grand Arena events have already occurred and skill ratings have been adjusted (Skill Rating changes were frozen for the 3rd canceled event), this new season will be treated as the second half of the current Grand Arena season. This new, “continuation season” will only last for 2 weeks but will have normal End of Event and Round rewards like a full season. In game, this season will look like a brand new season with 2 week long events with new opponents and will require you to sign up.

Schedule Change Details
  • Next Grand Arena Championships sign ups start tomorrow (2/9) at 2 PM Pacific (22:00 UTC)
    • This means the next 2 weeks of Sign Up, Setup and Attack Phases will occur on different days than normal
  • This “continuation season” will last 2 weeks with 2 one week events
  • The delay to the start of the second half of this Grand Arena season will move the next Grand Arena season to start on February 28th
    • There will be a shorter than usual break between seasons
    • The Grand Arena Season starting on February 28th will move back to a normal schedule with the Sign Up Phase on Mondays.

Impact to Rewards
The rescheduled 2 event season will reward the same End of Event and End of Season rewards as a normal 4 event season. This means players will earn the same amount of rewards that they would have BUT these rewards and promotions (and demotions) occur around a week later. We will be providing a make good for the delay to these rewards and potentially a promotion to a higher league or division with better daily Crystal payouts. This will include an additional grant for the inconvenience and to cover any additional unique cases and experiences. We will have more details to share about this make good after the release.
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