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I understand that you feel the need for pop up offers in the game, but could you please only have pop ups at the start of the game or maybe when going to the store. And also reduce it to only one pop up at the time. If I’m not interested in the first, I’m probably not interested in the 10th either.

As it stands now we can get spammed with multiple pop ups and the most annoying is the random pop ups after you click a button expecting one specific action to be triggered.

This game consists of a lot of repetitive clicks and you get a muscle memory for certain actions, when you get interrupted by another outcome than the expected it’s very disruptive and also the source of misclicks.

The way you’ve implemented it is very similar to how malevolent virus pop ups in browsers are designed. It doesn’t feel serious.
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    And today it was worse than ever.
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    EVERY screen change here comes a pop up. I've loved this game but ****, they are trying their best to make players hate it. If you only put half the time you put into pop ups into actually fixing bugs....
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