The most oddest graphic bug ive ever seen

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Attacking in GAC using sith empire against nightsisters, used Sith Marauder "victory through power" ability which throws the lightsaber, after the attack damage the lightsaber continued spinning on screen in front of him, persisted until battle was won.
did another battle afterwards (BH vs something or other) with nothing of note.
went to the main screen to be greeted with the spinning lightsaber in the middle - quite large and quite spinny, quit out reloaded and it was gone.

nothing gamebreaking, but very very unusual, ive seen characters get stuck mid animation before, but never had it carry over to mainscreen.

screenshot included.

Tried submitting as a bug, but it just wouldnt accept it.

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  • Sewpot
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    Its the Excalibur lightsaber. You must be worthy to draw the sword.
  • I had a lightsaber wandering my screen for a while today as well.
  • MrTrx
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    I have had it happen 3 or 4 times already
  • CCyrilS
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    Been happening to me for weeks
  • crzydroid
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    Please report to Answers HQ.
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