Developer Insights: MG-100 StarFortress SF-17

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[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]
Hi Holotable Heroes,

The MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 is coming to the holotables! This heavy bomber used prominently during the evacuation of D'Qar stands ready to serve as a stout tank for the Resistance fleet.

Below we take a deeper dive into the inspirations and motivations of the design team as they collaborated to bring this ship to Galaxy of Heroes.

The Basics:
  • The StarFortress, not surprisingly, works well with Resistance ships, and should slot in nicely to serve as the fleet’s main tank.
  • The StarFortress will be crewed by Rose Tico and Resistance Trooper.
  • This Resistance tank deals damage twice during its Gunners, Look Alive Basic ability.

Unique Attributes:
  • The StarFortress introduces the new effect The Sweet Spot. It also makes use of Concussion Mines.
  • StarFortress’ The Sweet Spot Unique ability gives it 100% counterattack when it has Taunt.

  • Inspiration was mostly drawn from the big opening scene of The Last Jedi in which the MG-100 StarFortresses were taking a lot of punishment, but kept going to secure mission success.
  • The StarFortress’ attacks and animations were inspired by the bombing runs and attack on the Dreadnaught in The Last Jedi.

Strategy Tips:
  • The StarFortress recovers Health and gains Taunt with its Tico Sister Legacy Special ability. You’ll want that Taunt up early and often in battle.
  • Keep track of Sweet Spot. Once it hits five stacks the ship receives some additional effects and/or bonuses to its abilities.
  • If allies have Deflector Shield, StarFortress is able to reliably recover Taunt if it loses Taunt. This is because its Sweet Spot Unique ability allows StarFortress to gain Taunt for one turn when allies with Deflector Shield receive damage or if they have Deflector Shield when StarFortress loses Taunt.
  • StarFortress also has some Turn Meter Removal and buff dispel capability.

  • MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 has Rose Tico as a crew member?
    • Yes. Her sister, Paige, was a StarFortress pilot, and we wanted to pay tribute to the Tico Sister Legacy.
  • How does the StarFortress impact the utility of fleets?
    • It allows players to move other tanks out of this fleet to let StarFortress serve as the Resistance fleet’s dedicated tank.
    • For example, if you’re currently using Hound's Tooth in your Resistance fleet but want to move it to a different fleet, the StarFortress should slot in perfectly to give the Resistance a tank that brings the fleet back to the level of power they would have with a strong ship such as Hound’s Tooth. You might even find the StarFortress to be a better synergy fit with Resistance.

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