Gear economy changes????



  • Akwat
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    It's crazy. They clearly said: "While this week’s Title Update starts the process of the Gear Changes, we still have many more adjustments to come. In Phase 1 we still have changes to hard node Gear drop rates, Territory Battle reward flattening, and adding in a new dedicated slot in the Shard Shop that only provides Core Gear. Once those are complete, we will begin speaking to what Phase 2 encompasses in the near future." [Emphasis added.]

    It's been 8 months already and nary a peep about phase 2. In what universe does this count as providing additional details in "the near future"?
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    Screerider wrote: »
    It was a "plan" not a "promise".

    Found Crumbs burner.

    In all seriousness, they do owe us, at the very least, “after internal review….”

    It’s really disrespectful to the community to completely ignore what a lot of the community has been raging about…then tell some people at SW celebration they are happy with its current state. Why can you state that to people there, but not on the official forums? Crumb has even acknowledged the community is not happy…yet we still get nothing.

    Not true. Now you get to be unhappy AND buy precious Datacrons to make the game even more unbalanced. CG thanks you for your custom.
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