From 100 to 420 Million GP, The Republic is looking for recruits!


  • Joining this Alliance is something like strapping your account progression to a hyperdrive engine!
  • I know Squad Arena doesn't matter much anymore but Gosh I'm awful proud to be ranked 21 which means I've got the #1 JMK team in my Shard! SCORE ANOTHER ONE FOR THE REPUBLIC ALLIANCE! join me in the fun? vn7mn9eyyop8.jpg
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    Jack in to Republic Alliance Matrix today
  • Join us my brothaz n Sistaz we got homes
  • Best in class Discord leadership
  • Hit dat join button Peoples and come on home 🏡 We've been waiting!
  • I love ❤ My Guild and The Republic Alliance man! Why ? Because it doesn't matter who or how good your are in this just ain't getting far without the right kind of people around you! Join our TRIBE
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    Just Bring it!
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    now I'm this close to my 4th GL... come on Santa🎅 don't let me down...
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    If you're reading this then you're probably in need of a good place to grow... Congratulations🎊 You've Found it!!! I bid you join the Republic Alliance
  • Support for all levels join now you will not regret the decision!
  • 75% of our guilds are running the NEW TB!! If you ain't with this Alliance then it's too bad so sad and sux to be you!! nuff said Join today!!!
  • Welcome to the Republic!
    We are a family of 13 guilds from around the world, a dedicated community that works together for the benefit of each guild family. From the early days of HPIT in 2016 up to the present day challenges of Geo TB, pit challenge and GLs, the Republic has been an established and ever-growing community of fun and competitive players.

    We have a Guild to suite nearly any roster! From Beginner to End-Game Players our Guilds are Goal Oriented, with unmatched Leadership, Resources and Alliance support!

    LSGEOTB 30 star️+ 45 KAM shards
    DSGEOTB 33 star️ + 50 Wat shards

    Competitive Guilds ranging from 100 million GP to a top 50, over 420 million GP guild, we have a guild for every play style!

    EU and Americas focused with one guild catering to our Asian Pacific players.

    Majority of top arena players including GA. Daily conversations on GL farming and GL killing.

    Shared recruiting and theory-crafting keeps every guild operating at their best!!!

    Solid officer corps in each and every guild

    We have amazing comradery that transcends individual Guilds devoted to the improvement of the Alliance
    With collaboration on GAC, TW, TB, CPIT, Roster Improvement, Farming, Counters and much more!


    We're proud of our guilds and are confident you can find your new home with us! If you are looking for a place to enjoy gaming through this year and next, please drop in and chat with us at

  • We don’t just call ourselves the Republic we are a Republic. Come check us out.
  • So far so Good wit the New TB 13 🌟s at the moment!
  • Thats it.... Eyes 👀 on the prize! You are almost there... STEEADY.... now bring it Home 🏡 Buddy!!! Hit dat join button
  • Hello! Our guild just lost a few members and we are now down to 35 active members. Do you guys have room in your alliance for 35 members? We are also considering merging with another clan but I wanted to reach out on this opportunity as well. Thanks!
  • AfroJihad wrote: »
    This Mighty Alliance houses some of the best in the world 🌎 it TW... here's proof050otfn1dnj3.jpg

    After speaking with some of my other officers we have a solid core of about 20 folks we would like to keep.
  • AfroJihad wrote: »
    This Mighty Alliance houses some of the best in the world 🌎 it TW... here's proof050otfn1dnj3.jpg

    After speaking with some of my other officers we have a solid core of about 20 folks we would like to keep.

    Glad you joined and spoke with our Reps! We are Ready waiting for yall to roll on through! see ya soon
  • Rori is great guild but so are the rest of the guilds in the Republic. Stop by check us out we have a home for you.
  • Come one come all... Join with us and git yo ROTE on!! Don't miss out!
  • It's not too late to find a spot for TB lets go!
  • Do it. You will not regret it join the republic now.
  • AfroJihad
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    Not joining, after coming this close to finding a great pace to learn and grow, Would be a real Shame! just join select looking for guild post your and tell us a little about what you're looking for in a guild... That's all ya need to do
  • This is a great group of people with a ton of resources to help you grow! Join now and enjoy your new home!
  • Oh hell yeah already doing better this ROTE!! Love ❤ my guild bro! We got love to share round here JOIN TODAY
  • Great alliance I truly appreciate the support from all of the members.
  • AfroJihad
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    You're now just a few clicks away from making the best decision you've ever made by joining us
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  • Bring a friend with you for free Tacos 🌮 😋
  • you're almost home just a few more clicks
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