From 100 to 420 Million GP, The Republic is looking for recruits!



  • Cantonica 380,000,000 GP with room for one if your GP is 6.8M or better
  • The Republic Rori of the Republic Alliance a 372m Guild is looking for one well rounded Player experienced in TB TW and GAC! ask for Rori!
  • Start the on board process now before the next RotE begins get those get3 shards
  • xcx1ad3h5k1p.jpg
    Remember to enjoy the ride!
  • Just a few good spots left... YOURS IS WAITING SO JOIN ALREADY 😳🧐🤓😎🥸🥳🤠🤯
  • If TW is your thing the THIS is the guild you're looking for onn5qmxq612z.png
  • mq9en6rjza7u.png
    Oh my a rare opportunity has presented itself to YOU! If you're a mid game Playa then I suggest you take this chance to Join an Awesome GUILD
  • f0w0rz4ylgit.jpg
    Attention All End-Game Players... when this guild is done recruiting it'll be one of those SUPER guilds.... Come be apart of GREATNESS!
  • Join the republic you won’t regret it.
  • LOL wow 90% of our guilds are exclusively doing ROTE! lets freakin Go then!
  • I lead this guild.. usc2q9zzwru8.png
    I'm looking for a few before TB come on in lets chat!
  • Join the republic you will not regret it
  • AfroJihad
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    TB has started but there are still a few spots we'd like to get filled asap! just join and post your in LFG with a short list of YOUR expectations and we will take it from there! Yup its that easy to Join one of the best Alliances around!
  • AfroJihad
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    Tired of playing nice! it's time to make opponents EARN the right to see what's Next! Join us we're havinga ball!!!
  • @AfroJihad so you know I have grown almost 5 million GP since I joined the Republic.
  • HERE is where you NEED to be if you want to accelerate your rate of progression! I could show you better than I can tell you! Once you join youl see why! You've got nothing to lose but TIME!...Join NOW
  • AfroJihad
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    Lizbeth wrote: »
    @AfroJihad so you know I have grown almost 5 million GP since I joined the Republic.

    @Lizbeth Wow that's more than I have! I was at 5m+ before I came in fall 2021! now Im at 7.9m! How your then and now looking?
  • Another Rare opportunity to join one of our stronger guilds is one or tfhl7kclcmv1q.png
    wo clicks away here's the skinny... on


    **GUILD INFO**

    GP: 420+mil
    ROTE TB stars 28+
    3rd sister shards 9

    HPIT / HAAT: On Sim
    HSTR & Cpit: Raid timing alternating monthly: 8am/8pm GMT+8 (12am/12pm UTC) (07am/7pm EST)

    With the new Relic mats, we have had TW mandatory for a while, but have moved back to not have it mandatory join. Now it's join if you can, but join and then we expect 100% on both phases.

    ➡️ Active player, 600 tickets daily
    ➡️ Min 8mil GP (exceptions can be made for LS focused roster)
    ➡️ Participate in TBs and TWs
    ➡️ Strong LS and DS teams
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