Fix TW matchmaking like you fixed GAC

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GAC is way better than it ever was since matchmaking went through a huge update. It’s time to mirror that kind of update for TW. The whole, “based on active GP” is outdated. My guild’s current opponent has a 1 million + average GP player over mine (6.6-7.7). They have 249 GL’s compared to our 125. We have 334 million GP compared to their 378 million (and we have 47/50 competing). You saw with GAC - GP-based anything doesn’t work.

On top of that, making R9 materials more relevant than they are (which, even if we win, would take us 12 wins to get enough materials for 1 R9) would be helpful.
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  • Crumb and Doja were on Hynesy's Twitch chat, and this question came up. You may want to watch it to see what they said. Essentially, it's not as a simple as GAC as guild members can change. Seeing that some alliances have several guilds in their alliance it's definitely open to abuse. They did say they want to do something about it, but it's not simple.

    That said something does need to be done quite urgently. When you check on guilds, most guild have 25% or less win rate or 75% or more win rate.
  • TW are tough for matchmaking because it's variable participation.

    Pretty sure you could make a matchmaking heuristic based on number of players queued, GP, and recent win/ratio though.
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