skill pts calculation question

Checking different people's skill points history on .gg, it seems everyone gets different skill pts for winning or losing on the same dates…

Are skill pts calculated base on win/lose only or do we gain/lose a few skill points etc based on how many squads or territories we cleared or didn't clear?

For example, if I decide to only get the min 10 pts, will I lose more pts than if I cleared 1 territory and lost?

*GC needs to give us a clear answer. And if they did, can you please post it here? Thank you


  • I would like to know this as well
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    I would also like to know if there is a calculation for losing to a higher GP roster or not.
    I regularly come up against players with 8.6Million GP when i am only 7 Million, and have found when i play those players i lose less skill points. like i lost very little compared to what i thought i would and was able to stay in Kyber 2
  • There are no extra points taken/rewarded for how well you did in the match up. For example if you win by 1 point or if you win by 1000 points, they're worth the same.

    There is some deviance based on the skill rating of your opponent. For example there are more points awarded for beating a 2700 player over a 2650 skill point player.

    The round will probably make a difference (due to the next point).

    The main win point changer though is 'squish' or divisional balance. The maintains a limited amount of players in a division. The heavy point being Chromium 3 (the middle). So points awarded or removed will always try to squish you into a division that won't have the required population for the next season.
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