Unintended Shipment Purchases

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edited March 2022
Hi Holotable Heroes,

The most recent update included changes to the Shipments tabs. These changes were announced in the updates notes found here.

That said, we recognize the update notes aren’t seen by everyone and that the messaging around this change should have been clearer. We will do our best to call these changes out more clearly in the future to prevent similar issues.

There have been concerns that this was a bug or that we are trying to mislead players into making unintentional purchases. Let us be very clear, these changes were made intentionally but were not intended to generate unintentional crystal purchases.

We also recognize that players may have accidentally purchased these items out of habit. If you unintentionally made Crystal purchases from the top 4 slots that were previously for Credits, please contact support to receive the Crystals you spent on these items.

NOTE: This is limited to 4 crystal purchases made in Shipments on 3/2/2022.
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