For those who have seen the Obi-Wan Kenobi series trailer

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What did you think?
Now it makes perfect sense that they're introducing the Inquisitors now. Nice connection between this series and Rebels!
The Grand Inquisitor will probably be the 5th member of the Inquisitors faction, but will he be another marquee? The devs already said Second Sister and the other Inquisitors wouldn't be required for a legendary a-la-Starkiller.
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  • I think the trailer looks awesome! We’re for sure getting Grand Inquisitor, and I would guess the Fifth Brother and that other one from the trailer (not sure on her name).

    Did anyone else notice how about minute 1:22 that looked a lot like Han’s DL-44 blaster? It would make sense for him to be on Tatooine around this time since I think it takes place not long after Solo. That would be cool if it was!

    Definitely cool to see little Luke, and Owen too. Vader’s breathing at the end was lit!
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