Too Many Mismatches - Not Even Playing GA Anymore

I understand not every match will be perfect, but this is ridiculous. I rejoined the game after years away about a month ago now. I've done four GAs (the current being the fourth) since returning. The first one was expectedly easy. But the last three have been absurd. I have two toons with Relics, and I'm facing players with a full board (25 toons) of Reliced toons. It has gotten to the point I'm realizing there's no point in even playing on offense (and am not). This needs to be fixed!! If the matching algorithm is so bad it's making a game feature unplayable, it's time to work on that, devs...


  • Matchmaking is being done solely based off of your skill rating now. In not so many words, you’re now just being matched up with people that have similar skill ratings.

    I do have to ask, what do you mean by “expectedly easy”?
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