My suggestions for improving GAC

Firstly, let me say I'm super happy with the big change of GAC and moving crystals over from Arena.

Although I'm not winning as many matches as I did in the old system, I'm a big fan of the match making system. I've used this system on another game and I truly believe in it, and that'll work. The more time you give it, the better it'll work. My ask to the community is please stop complaining about GP and give the system time to totally balance out.

That said, I think these things would improve the system.

1. I heard from other players of big jumps in divisions with losses. I had a guild mate that played (but lost) his first 3 matches and dropped 4 divisions. (Aurodium 4 to Chromium 3). I don't think such big changes should happen, definitely as we approach the 'fine tweaking' period. This may have originally prevented a lot of the complaining about GP mismatches.

2. Essentially there are 15 leagues. However, league 1 and 5 of a division are treated differently. For example: Last season I was grinding my way up Aurodium 2 with mostly 2/1 wins per round. On the last day of the season I made it to Aurodium 1. As it was the last match of the season I was instantly promoted to Kyber 5. This I believe isn't good for the balance. It seems I was getting close to my true level, but I have now jumped 2 leagues. I think there should be no difference between going up/down from Aurodium 1 - Kyber 5 as there is from Aurodium 2 -1 or Kyber 4 -5. Essentially remove the special requirements for changing divisions.

3. I feel that GACs can be dominated by just 1 team. 1 team can essentially win a GAC from Carbonite to low Kyber, ignoring the rest of the roster. How about: You can remove/kill 1 defensive character from a team from your opponent's deployment. However, you get zero points for doing this, it counts as an offensive loss AND you suffer a max banner (points) loss. Let's say for example we're in a Chromium match and one player has GMK, puts him on a front wall defence and the opponent has no way of removing him. It would probably decide the whole GAC match up. With my suggestion, it's still the most dominant defensive team, but doesn't totally control the outcome of the whole GAC match.

4. Lastly, with balancing this new system. I don't see how we can ever go back to 3 v 3. The balance for 3 v 3 would be different and would totally upset where we are going. I would request 3 v 3 in GAC to be totally scrapped.


  • 5. Also take out this 3 fleet total ****. I mean, literally all my losses were because I can't defeat a 7* executor and all of my opponents have it... I have like 30-70 chance to defeat with Malevolence... so annoying.
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