Unlocking JKR while building Bando's scoundrel team

Hello everyone, this is my journey guide.
I unlocked today JKR with the help of his entourage, but the team serves a double purpose, as I use Mission + Zaalbar in my Bando team too. So I think this is quite a cost- and time-effective method for you too, if you want to build your GAC teams, as Bando's scoundrels serve a nice defense team for the GAC. I tried to make a video for my JKR unlocking, if you wish you can check it out here ->


However, if reading fits you better than seeing me commenting on my video, then you can just read on.

So let's see my team. Mission is strongest at the moment among them, she is Gear level 11 and maxed abilities (no zeta!), Bastila is G8 Zaalbar G8, Jolee G8, and T3 is only G7. I use Bastila's leadership, though it is only ability level 5. I will build my Revan team later, but for the event, it is sufficient enough.
Mission has CrChance and CrDam mods, Zaalbar has Speed and Tenacity for now, but I think I will switch to Speed and CrChance, as crchance is required for the armor shred. Bastila Speed+Health, Jolee full health, and T3 Speed+Health. No zeta abilities, actually, I do not even have lvl 7 on everyone, and only have omegas on Mission and Zaalbar. Now, move on to the fight itself.

At the last stage, you have to fight a Terentatek. It is a force-sensitive beast which means that it will target your force users if there is no pre-taunt. I have a taunt on Zaalbar, because of his ability, so my aim in this fight is to keep Z alive as long as I can. Z will perish eventually, though applying armor shred on the beast will make your fight easier to finish. The tactic is simple, Mission does the huge damage, while the others should help Z to be alive. As soon as Z falls, the Terentatek will target your force users, though, at that point, you should decrease the life bar of the T tremendously. Use the dispels wisely, as Bastilla and Revan can do good dispels, while T3 has a dispel ability too. Wait with the dispels until the T hurls the rock towards your team, applying all kinds of debuffs, then use your Revan's AOE that disples the whole team's debuffs. Jolee can heal your Z also, which is a handy ability.

With this team, you will not have any difficulties beating the T, and get your Revan. Moreover, if you have already unlocked the Bando toon, you can put Mission and Z into his team to have a nice scoundrel defense GAC squad.

Thanks for watching/reading this little guide, and have fun with your new Revan toon!

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