Important Update on Mace Windu Rework

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

You may have seen the announcement last Friday that Mace Windu will be reworked with an all new kit and Omicron ability tiers! We will be posting a Kit Rework Reveal for Mace soon so stay tuned to the forums! In the meantime you can find the kit and an interview with the designer of Mace's rework here. We also have a few reminders and corrections about the release of Mace’s updated kit.

First off, the kit that was revealed Friday had one important change since the preview was recorded:

Basic Ability: Invincible Assault:
Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Ability Block for 1 turn. This attack deals bonus damage equal to 5% of Mace's Max Health. If Mace is above 50% Health, he gains 15% Turn Meter. If Mace is below 50% Health, he recovers Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt.

The preview last Friday showed 50% Turn Meter on Mace’s new Basic Ability instead of 15% Turn Meter. This was a balance change that came late in the testing process and was done after the interview.

Second, a reminder on what will happen to events currently running when the rework goes live:
  • The upgrade level for all character abilities are locked at roster lock - when we return the Ability Materials for Mace (at the time of the rework’s release) the resetting of the existing abilities to level 1 will not be reflected in any ongoing TW or GAC
  • Newly added abilities, such as Mace’s Special 2 and Unique 2, will be at level 1 in these modes (assuming your Mace is at the proper gear level for the ability)
  • In general, an ability’s functionality is not locked with roster lock, only the upgrade level of the ability. Which means the new abilities and changes to the current abilities will be live in TW/GAC immediately once the update with the rework is released at the ability upgrade level that was locked in.
    • For new abilities, this is Level 1 since the ability didn’t exist when a player locked their roster.
    • For existing abilities, the ability level will remain at whatever level a player locked in at but the functionality would change to reflect the updated kit abilities.

Third, this rework will also impact enemy Mace Windu(s) in Conquest and Galactic Challenge. This unit references the player obtainable version in these modes and you will face Mace Windu with his new kit.

Mace Windu’s kit rework is scheduled for this week’s release, but as always, timelines are subject to change if we run into any issues.

See you on the Holotables!

There have been some questions around how Mace's rework interacts with Jedi Master Kenobi's Leader Ability, Harmonious Will.
  • Mace has Protection
  • Mace gains Taunt from Jedi Master Kenobi
  • dispels Taunt and gains 2 stacks of Resilient Defense
  • Mace does not gain Taunt when Mace runs out of Resilient Defense and still has Protection
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