Don't Disable Gear Icon While Enemy Is Attacking

This would be one of the biggest quality of life updates you could ever make with almost zero effort. Simply stop graying out the gear icon while the enemy is attacking.

This would allow us to pause and forfeit matches while the enemy is attacking. As is, if you get stun locked or the enemy finds themselves in some other unlimited turn scenario, you either have sit for five long minutes (or ten if this is a boss in conquest) until the game times out or you die, or you have to force quit. Then you have to wait for the game to restart which can be a few minutes depending on your phone.

This is a horrible user experience. It's also INCREDIBLY frustrating and aggravating, having lost a match, watching your stun locked team get decimated.

Will you let us just pause the battle and forfeit already? Having to force quit is not a professional solution. Users shouldn't have to force quit just because they want to exit a battle when they're stun locked or tm locked.
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