A greater concentration of hard-node only chars would be appreciated

A greater concentration of hard-node only chars would be appreciated. Refreshing as often as regular shipments would be helpful as well. I have plenty of currency sitting out there but the heroes I want to farm rarely, if ever, show up. Instead, there are a bunch of easily farmable heroes I am not interested in showing up a lot.
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  • Tho i am not so far advanced, i do agree. Seeing easliy farmable characters mostly in shard shop. Characters from galactic war selection should never appear on that list as they are too easy to farm.
  • Characters from galactic war selection should never appear on that list as they are too easy to farm.

    While I fully agree that if the list is to be limited, you shouldn't waste space on GW-Shipment characters, I kinda disagree that they shouldn't be in there at all.

    You're trading 10 shards for 1, right?

    What possible rationale is there for disallowing ****any character at all*** from being available 100% of the time. Forget shipments, there should be an infinite number of shards in the shop every moment, for every character.

    Since you can only trade in shards for shards, you still have to earn the shards in the Arena or GW or whatever, and the rate at which you can do that is highly regulated. You don't need a second level of regulation on how often you can lose 90% of your shards while converting them to shards you really need/want.

    How many shards could I realistically get per day? 15 from GW? 10 from Arena (yes, I know that some people are up on the leaderboard, but there's only one #1 per day. There are a lot more people #500-#20 than there #5-#1. You can't make all the people from #20 to #500 hurt just because a few other people are getting 5 more shards per day, which in the Shard Shop becomes one half of one shard per day.

    So, you've got 25...add in 5 from the Cantina tokens. Add in 240/10 = 24, divide that by 3 (because of the 1 in 3 drop rate) and you get 8 more shards. We're up to 38. How many hard mode shards is someone going to get per day? not more than 5 usually, correct? Getting even 5 shards per day from hard modes assumes playing or swimming a hard mode 15 times (for 180 energy, or 3/4 of your daily energy before refreshes and bonus energy at noon/6/9 and bonus energy on gaining a level, which doesn't happen nearly every day once you're up around level 60.

    That's 43 shards per day. If you really went nuts using your regular energy, you could get another 5 to 8 more. let's assume you're doing nothing but hard-node farming with those levels. You ultimately get 50 shards, or close to it, in a single day. And you only get that if you're remembering to time you Cantina shipments, etc. So you're already shipment-limited.

    ...so no you've got about 50 shards per day, which converts into 5 shards/day in the shard shop.

    Exactly what would be out of balance if they just let you have any shard you wanted at any time, provided you paid 10 of your own shards to get it?

    Nothing. Nothing would be out of balance. Limiting the shard shop to specific characters and specific shipments is just silly.
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