I don’t think LV is as bad as he’s made out to be

Last week I faced a team in arena consisting of LV, shore trooper, stormtrooper, RG, and maul with my team of JMK, CAT, GAS, AT, and GK and I got destroyed. I was only able to defeat maul and maybe one other character while my team was absolutely shredded. I don’t have god mods and it’s very possible that my opponent did nor did I have JMK’s ultimate unlocked at the time which no doubt would’ve changed things but I still got wrecked. Up until that point I had been able to solidly beat every other GL team I came up against but I was basically no match against LV.

There’s justifiable grievances for him. Given the requirements he should be the best **** GL period but he’s definitely not. His best team draws essential characters from at least 3 other great teams while the others take away from 1 team at the most (at least I believe JML only draws from 1 other team). From what I’ve seen he seems to be too easily beaten when he’s on defense. JMK was game changing and LV should’ve been too but he’s not. So there are legitimate gripes against the character. But based on my own experience he isn’t as bad as many people claim.


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