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    EA_Jesse wrote: »
    I did not delete the other thread, it is just no longer announced at the top. What I mentioned in my post above are examples of what I want to see and not see, it's not a strict guidelines for the only types of posts there can be. These are OUR forums, everyone that plays the game, not mine.

    With that said, I do get to put the rules in place, and I will not tolerate posts that hurt the game or the community.

    well said, couldnt agree more. Great game and we should be lucky to have it!
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    EA_Jesse wrote: »
    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you all for your posts on the forums, we’ve received a lot of great feedback and I’ve seen quite a few interesting topics.
    I wanted to take a minute to share with you my thoughts on the types of posts I want (and don’t want) to see. These forums are meant to be a place where we can share our passion for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, for both veteran and new players.

    Types of posts I want to see:
    • Character strategies - have an awesome new squad strategy you want to share? Go for it!
    • Assisting new players - newer players will constantly be coming to the forums looking for advice, let's all try to be helpful and make them feel at home.
    • Feedback on game mechanics – this can be talk of things you don’t like in the game, things you do like, things you think can be improved, etc. Please do keep feedback constructive if it is about something you don't agree with or like.
    • Gameplay Bugs or issues – things such as abilities not working correctly or display issues.

    Types of posts I don’t want to see:
    • Hateful comments towards Capital Games or EA – I flat out I don’t want to see any posts about this. These types of posts will be removed.
    • Anything relating to refunds – these posts have to stop, the forums are not the place for these types of discussions. If you want a refund it is your right to do so, we’re not going to stop you, but I do ask that you try to let us address what your issue might be first.
    • Customer Support for purchases – there is nothing that can be done about these on the forums, please submit a ticket in game if you are having problems with a purchase.
    • Posting a private conversation between you and an EA or CG representative - please do not do this, when myself or other CG or EA reps are speaking with you 1 on 1 it is meant to be a private conversation.

    Things I’d like to happen:
    • Before making a new topic search to see if a thread already exists for what you are about to make one for.
    • Stop the negative posts – if you are coming to the forums just to attack other players or complain about the game, my recommendation to you is….don’t.
    • Check and these boards for a solution to an issue you may be having. If neither of these provide you with the answer you are looking for that is when you should submit a ticket in game.

    Thanks for helping make these forums a place where players can share strategies, their stories and come together as an amazing community for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. We’re just getting started and have an amazing road ahead of us :smile:

    Hi @EA_Jesse not sure if you understand how forums work, but the majority of the time it is where discourse takes place depending on the topic and issues at hand, but in this case you don't want people complaining or saying anything bad about the flaws we see in how customer service and customer satisfaction is handled.

    It seems your company keeps pointing people who are dissatisfied with the product to this specific forum. Do you really think people are going to quit wanting a refund or complaining once they get ignore by EA and CG and are told to bring their problem to 'this' forum. So either you address your customer service model or you're just gonna be deleting alot of post. If that begins to happen consumers of SWGoH will take their discourse to a website where you don't moderate, so pick your battles wisely.

    Not to be rude but you don't seem to be very enthusiastic about helping your customer base solve their problems on a whole level which means either, A) your company doesn't care about you and the position you hold in said company or, B) you don't care about the customer base and/or you're job and just enjoy pulling a check and watching people complain. All whilst giving them satisfaction phrases like "we're working diligently on it", etc.

    I used to be impressed with EA's business model and have actually written a paper for my BUS 4223 class on how EA markets on a genius level to younger generations, maybe I didn't do enough research on consumer relations. I would expect through my research that anything EA puts on its name would be well supported, but in the case of SWGoH it is not. So I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's the few people *ahem* that work for EA are not doing their job of being a representative of the community in getting discourse and information to coders, designers, and engineers.

    P.S. Use the force wisely EA_Jesse
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